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The Two Sides of Every Business

There are two sides to every business - the business you started, and publishing. You started your business to fill a particular need in a given niche, or marketplace; to provide service where one did not exist. This is your passion! It is what gets … [Read more]

Protected: Metroplex Bible Teachers Workshop

This content is password protected. To view it please enter your password below: Password: … [Read more]

VSee Is Your Video Conference plus Screen Share Solution

Back in December, I was introduced to a videoconferencing solution called VSee . After testing this solution I can say that I am thoroughly impressed. This is simple, easy  to use solution.   Download the app to your Mac, PC or … [Read more]

How To Add Revision Tracking To The WordPress Visual Editor

Have you ever had multiple authors working on the same draft of a post in WordPress and something get's changed but you can't restore it and "no one" remembers exactly what was changed or who did it? I generally work by myself and even with saving … [Read more]

Add Extra Button Options to Your WordPress Visual Editor

Have you ever thought to yourself, "Self... I need more options in the WordPress visual editor." Or perhaps a client has stated they missed a feature they were use to having in their favorite desktop processor? Before you add that big plugin try … [Read more]

What Everyone Wants From Their Website…

As I talk to business owners from all areas I've noticed everyone is essentially looking for the same thing. Answers to how to make the web work for their niche. Whether it is an individual or a large organization relevant  clean, streamline and cost … [Read more]