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Now I know what you’re thinking…What’s the “e” stand for, right? Well I’m glad you asked that question. Today it could stand for site “enhancements” like security or registering new sidebars. Tomorrow it may stand for “e-mail marketing“. And yet another day, how to “examine” your site analytics. Then there is that one day…You know the one where you hear, “Blow up the “entire” site. We want something totally new!” Rest assured there are many topics that will be discussed  that have come to mind because of the “e”.

“Each One Reach One…” Helping people through the sharing of information is my passion. For this reason, WordPress and its vast community is a perfect fit for me. I work with SMB’s, schools and non-profits building sites, training, consulting and occasionally speaking about Content Marketing, WordPress for Churches and Schools, SEO and site security. I look forward to sharing, learning and conversing with you. Feel free to contact me at anytime.
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