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How To Add Revision Tracking To The WordPress Visual Editor

Have you ever had multiple authors working on the same draft of a post in WordPress and something get’s changed but you can’t restore it and “no one” remembers exactly what was changed or who did it? I generally work by myself and even with saving drafts I’ve lost a thought or two…Okay, okay! Three or four. Well I want to let you know about a free plugin that makes this scenario and others a thing of the past by making revision tracking a reality in the WordPress visual editor . The Ice Visual Revisions plugin is awesome! It was created by the New York Times CMS Group and is currently compatible up to version 3.4.2. according to the WordPress Plugin Directory. Ice not only adds revision tracking based on user information but it also color codes and time stamps any text that has been modified, added or deleted. The last feature I’ll mention is one of the best. Each individual change can be accepted or rejected by simply highlighting the change and clicking the green arrow or the red x ice revision iconsor accept or reject all changes by choosing one of the select all icons. This makes it easy to review and approve before saving the content as a final version. Ice Visual Revisions can truly be helpful if you are developing a magazine site or if you just happen to be one of several teachers in a school and your are sharing writing duties for your grade level blog. Maybe you are a realtor and you are posting information about a property and it is being modified by someone back in the office. As you can see the applications are endless. 

ice visual revision screenshot