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VSee Is Your Video Conference plus Screen Share Solution

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Back in December, I was introduced to a videoconferencing solution called VSee . After testing this solution I can say that I am thoroughly impressed. This is simple, easy  to use solution.


  • Download the app to your Mac, PC or iPad
  • Create an account by providing an email address and password.
  • Invite meeting participants by simply sending an invitation from the home screen.
  • Once they have accepted, your meeting is connected.

Here are a few features that got my attention:

  • Vsee uses 50% less bandwidth than Skype,
  • has one click application sharing,
  • drag and drop file sharing
  • built-in chat,
  • FIPS 140-2 certified 256 bit AES encryption (end to end).

Now all of this would have been done in vain if the connection was horrible but I am happy to report that after nearly two months of testing I’ve not had one dropped conference. The system is able to provide low-bandwidth 3G/4G connections as well as 720P HD connections. According to VSee’s documentation it uses a proprietary network-sensing algorithm to make instantaneous adjustments.

The list of organizations already using VSee is also impressive. A few of which are IBM, the Navy SEALs, US Congress, Standford University and Lockheed Martin.  VSee is even used in the medical profession by companies in order to maintain HIPAA compliance. 

So what can VSee do for your business? Ask yourself how many more clients could you reach if you were able to meet face to face without leaving your office, share browsers and applications or allow your client to share what they are viewing from their end, and get the necessary documents signed by using the drag and drop functionality. How many Realtors could use VSee to assist in walking the client that is short on time through a series of potential properties by connecting and then sharing their browser or walking them through financial scenarios by sharing their goto application? What about companies with distributed teams? How much more could your team benefit from an application that allows you to share the tools that you use everyday to collaborate or transfer documents to team members in the midst of a video conference. It’s the next best thing to being there in the same room. These is are value adds your clients and prospects can appreciate.

How much is this going to set you back? I’m glad you asked that question. It comes down to how often you need to share your screen. VSee’s pricing is straight forward and affordable. 

  • All of the above features are available for free (including one screen share per day…).
  • For 9.99 per month you can have unlimited screen shares with the Plus account from your (the presenter’s) end.
  • The most expensive bundle is the Pro account (coming in at 49.99) which adds unlimited screen shares for both the presenter and meeting participants.
  • If you are a large company or just have questions their sales department is just a call, email or live chat away

Download VSee and see if doesn’t become your go-to app for video conferencing and sharing.

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